FutureTech Genius - KIDS

Hands-on learning online workshop through our Tech Experience Learning Camp, for your kids to visualize their career in Technology of FUTURE.

Computing  Concepts

- Hands-on Project: Build a mini-website

Robotics Foundation (with Scratch Programming)

- Hands-on Project: Build a mini-game

Mental Math

- Hands-on Project: Fun with Math


- Hands-on Project: Build miniature Bots 

Space Science fundamentals

- Hands-on Project: Explore the ExoPlanets 

Live coaching & mentoring by experienced coaches in respective fields 

Duration:4 Weeks I Mode: Online 

Time:1 Hour X 5 Days X 4 Weeks I  Age group: 6 to 9 Yrs

Certificates: 5 e-certificates of completion

- FutureTech-Kid Master Certificate from WiZdom Ed

- ComputerWiZ Young Coder Certificate

- RoboWiZ Fundamentals Certificate

- Math Genius Kid Certificate

- SpaceWiZ StarCharter Certificate

Fees: USD 200

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Trainer Profiles:

Personality: Dr. Guru, a behaviorist will train kids on exceptional behavioral skills, power communication & body language and critical & creative thinking

Computing: Rahul is a computing geek with exceptional coaching skills. Kids will learn computing skills and basics of web building

Robotics: Rhia is a Robotics enthusiast with love for coding and robotics. Kids will be learning Scratch programming and basic game designing

Mental Math: Prof. Aravind, NIT graduate in chemical engineering in love with maths. Children will enjoy hands-on in math activities to build their love for maths.

Robotronics: Arslan, electronics engineering with love for machines. Children will be hands-on in building some machines using day-to-day items

Space Science: Shane, a mechanical engineer with love for physics, space and the universe. Kids will be learning a lot of things about planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, and solar system.

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email: futuretech@wizdomed.com