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In a world where human connections and interactions surpasses limitations of border and language, international travel has become an invaluable learning tool to the new-age global student.

Apart from the appeal that travel holds, study abroad programmes have proven to provide renewed training ground into the real world, to the ordinary student.

If you are considering taking up study abroad programmes, but are unable to positively convince yourself about its merits, this list will surely help you in your decision making process.

1. Expand Your Worldview

Growing in a homogenous society tends to narrow our view of the world and its people. Traveling for study is a great way to obtain a better understanding of human diversity and a great way to experience the new country with a realistic, new perspective.

2. Experience International Styles of Tutoring

Different countries adopt different types of teaching and tutoring methods. Studying abroad will give you a chance to experience the teaching methodologies of a new country, giving your learning side an opportunity to gain additional understanding of an already familiar subject.

3. Avail Financial Help through Scholarships

Throughout the year, various universities around the world offer scholarships, grants and fellowships to encourage students who possess the ability to excel in any given subject. If you are hardworking student, you can apply for scholarships and fellowships to lessen your financial burden in the long run.

4. Learn to Integrate

Traveling for study is a great opportunity for you to allow yourself to integrate in new society. Far from the comfort of your home, as an independent individual, you will become motivated to push yourself to understand the culture, ethos and lifestyle of a different place.

5. Learn a New Language

Studies indicate that multi-lingual people are more successful in the workplace. When you choose to travel for study, you will gain an opportunity to learn the language of the place, along with various other opportunities to learn international languages as part of your study program.

6. Job Prospects Will Increase

International travel reflects well on your C.V. Prospective employers tend to lean positively towards candidates possessing extra merits in terms of life experience and overall demeanour. Students learning abroad also have the advantage of being scouted for talent by international agencies via campus selections, job fairs etc.

7. Make Lasting Connections

Though the study abroad programs may be limited to a few years, it will open your world to new experiences and new connections that will remain with you forever.

Study abroad programs attract students from all around the globe, creating a diverse student body in the hosting university. You will be able to make lasting connections with people from different walks of life whilst having similar experiences in the host country.

8. Nurture a sense of Independence

Being alone in a foreign country will help you come out of your protective shell. Without the benefit of having a supportive system to back in a different country, you will learn to do the necessary things like budgeting, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry all on your own. Overtime you’ll see that you have become an independent adult capable of looking after your needs, without any external help.

9. Renewed appreciation for Family

While it is exciting to live alone and become an independent adult, there will be moments in your life abroad, when you will miss your family back home. Knowing that this is a temporary living situation, you will look forward to your next trip home to your home country.

You will learn to appreciate the bonds of family and all the little things you took for granted back home. Traveling abroad does much for your emotional maturity.

10. Gather Life Experience

Youth, coupled with right opportunity does not come by often. Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other, the memories and the life lessons you learn in this period will stay with you long after it’s over.

Discover your own benefits of being an international student by living that life. So don’t be afraid to make your dream of studying abroad come true, and find out the best course of action to make it into a reality. Good luck!!

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