Prep em' young to be JEE/SAT ready

Flexible weekday or weekend parallel TestPrep schooling

With Certifications for Computing, Coding, Robotics & AI, Drone Technology 

IIT-JEE is a coveted entrance test for admission into the Indian Institute of Technology programs that requires preparation early on.


The early a student starts preparing, the better will be the performance. Preparation from Grade - 6 doesn’t mean that students will study books that are of the JEE level right away. With our gamified hands-on and FutureTech integrated coaching model, students will digest the JEE level-1 to final level-5 comfortably. This helps in cracking IIT-JEE or other international admission tests like SAT with better comfort plus has up-to-date knowledge of FutureTech skills.

Why start prepping early-on:

  • To make student IIT-JEE/SAT ready by the time student has completed   class 10, and in 11th & 12th grade keep better focus on results.

  • To incorporate school learnings to the IIT-JEE/SAT learning and make a difference

  • To build exceptional FutureTech skillset among the students so as to be one step ahead of peers

  • To be able to have exceptional knowledge of FutureTech skills along with Test Cracking abilities

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*IIT-JEE Coaching will supplement Physics, Chemistry & Maths subject tutoring requirements

Boy with DIY Robot

FutureTech Ready

Build skills required for the future; Coding Concepts, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Drone Tech, Digital Analytics and all futuretech aspects. 


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Taught by Experts & PhDs

Guidance provided by expert coaches with a combined coaching and mentoring experience of over 200 years

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Live Online Interactive Sessions

Live Interactive classes
with gamified fun learning sessions conducted on

weekends with 2 hours a day

Constant support & Guidance

Online forum for clarifications
Intermittent counseling sessions
Check student’s participation

Regular Parent-Coach interactions 

Materials & Practice Tests

Timely support of study materials and frequent quizzes and practice tests to keep track of learning developments