Young Entrepreneur (12 - 16 years)

Hands-on learning online workshop through our entrepreneurship boot camp Experience, for your kids to visualize their career as entrepreneurs of the FUTURE.

Personality pf Entrepreneur

- Case Study: Explore an entrepreneur 

Creative Skills

- Hands-on Project: managing a product

Communication Skills

- Live Activity: Verbal & non-verbal Communications 

Finance Management

- Hands-on Project: Building a sound Business Plan


Live coaching & mentoring by experienced coaches in respective fields 

Duration:4 Weeks I Mode: Online 

Time:1-1.5 Hours X 5 Days X 4 Weeks I  Age group: 12+ Yrs

Certificate: e-certificate of Performance

- FutureTech Genius Certificate from FutureTech Global, USA.

Trainers Profiles:

Design Thinking: Dr. GuruTej (International Education Expert and Co-Founder of Wizdom Education. Right Brainer with strong creative thinking skills. Trained design thinker and mentor having trained and mentored over 5000 students across the globe)  

Photoshop Skills: Vishnu Poojary (Design and Photoshop expert with hands-on experience in creating mind-blowing designs online and offline. Passionate about his designs and art, has worked with several organisations in creative designing and artworks.)

Coding Concepts: Elroy Menezes (Young tech geek who has exceptional coding and web development skills. Works as freelance coder for big game web projects from across the world)

Robotics Fundamentals: Arslan Kola (Young brainy Roboticist, passionate about electronics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Part of an robotics start-up based out of Mangalore which is making big names in the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Industry)  

Drone Technology: Kaushik and Sanjeev (Two young Drone enthusiasts passionate about drones and avionics. An eccentric drone and aviation Startup academy with a focus on training youngsters with a passion for the sky)

Space Science: Dr. Francisca Tej (MSc in Math & Physics with PhD in Management. Keen observer of stars, movement of celestial bodies and their influence on Earth. Enjoys teaching kids about the importance of Science and Tech in life)