FutureTech Genius (11 - 15 years)


Hands-on learning online workshop through our Tech Experience Learning Camp, for your kids to visualize their career in Technology of FUTURE.

App Development on Android Platforms

- Hands-on Project: Development of a Student App 

Creative Designing

- Hands-on Project: Development of Portfolios

Ethical Hacking

- Hands-on Project: Mini-Hackathon

Python Application

- Hands-on Project: A program development using Python


Live coaching & mentoring by experienced coaches in respective fields 

Duration:4 Weeks I Mode: Online 

Time:1-1.5 Hours X 5 Days X 4 Weeks I  Age group: 11 to 15 Yrs

Certificate: e-certificate of Performance

- FutureTech Genius Certificate from FutureTech Global, USA.


Day 1: Python Basics

Basic Data Types

Variables and Assignment Exercises

Variables and Assignment Exercises Solution

Comments and Math Operators

Comments and Math Operators Quiz

print(), print() exercises, print() exercises solutions

Day 2: Strings and Functions

Strings Exercises

type() and str(), Escape Sequences

type(), str(), and escape sequences exercises

Asterisk Triangle Solution

input(), int() and float(), int() exercise

Functions, importing modules

variable scope

Intro to Flow Control

if statements, else statements

nested if and else statements

elif statements

truthy and falsey values

Day 3: While loops

for loops, range(), Factorial Solution

String methods 1, String methods 2

len(), .format() 

Introduction to lists, indexes and list slicing

Del and list methods, Lists vs. Strings

Day 4: Introduction to dictionaries

Dictionary methods 1: .keys(), .values(), .items(), and .get()

Dictionary methods 2: .fromkeys(), .pop(), and .popitem()

Dictionary methods 3: .clear(), .copy(), and .update()

Dictionary methods 4: .setdefault(), dict()

introduction to tuplestuple looping and steptuple methods

Introduction to setsset methodsset comprehensions

Day 5: Hands-on Project: A program development using Python

Python Application

Day 1: Introduction to photoshop

Getting to know photoshop work space

Setting up Photoshop Workspace

Creating self potrait logo

Understanding Subject potrait

Creating Mask

Colouring the Logo

Saving result as JPEG file 


Day 2: Background Removal & manipulation techniques

Selecting and understanding the Subject matter

Understanding  Selection tool

Seleting Subject matter using various selection tools

Choosing background for subject

Moving Subject matter to new background

Saving result as JPEG file 

Day 3: Changing Solid Colour from Subject

Selecting and understanding the Subject matter

Seleting Subject matter using various selection tools

Learning to use inverse selection

Using Solid Colour multiply technique to change Background Colour

Saving result as JPEG file 

Learn to reveal image behind your Name

Using  mask tool to reveal Background image

Saving result as JPEG file 

Q&A and Assignments Discussion

Day 4: Using Double Exposure and Gradient tool for Cinematic Effects

Selecting and understanding the Subject matter and background image

Using Mask and Multiply to make double exposure

Using Gradient tool to manipulate background

Creating Banner and Leaflet

Using image behind name as base tool

Using self Logo for branding

Using move tool to adjust mascot

Saving result as JPEG file 

Day 5: Hands-on Project on Portfolio Development

Ethical Hacking

Day 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Red Team Lab Setup 

Obtaining VirtualBox, Kali, and Windows 

Red and Blue Teams

MITRE ATT&CK, CMD, Powershell, WMIC, SchTasks, SCM 

C2 Frameworks, Red Team Tools, Metasploit Payload Setup

Day 2: Basic Administrative Commands

Linux Administration Commands [Demo]

Windows Administration Commands [Demo]

Windows Account Management [Demo]

Domain Enumeration [Demo]

Host Enumeration [Demo]

Day 3: Local and Remote Effects 

Domain Enumeration [Demo],  Host Enumeration [Demo]

Lateral Movements, WMIC Lateral [Demo]

Schtask Lateral [Demo], SCM Lateral [Demo]

Day 4: Persistance & Evasion

Registry Persistence [Demo], SCM Persistence [Demo]

WMI Persistence [Demo], Golden Ticket [Demo]

Schtask Persistence [Demo], Evasion 101 [Brief]

Detecting Lateral [Demo], Sysmon Evasion [Demo]

Day 5: Hands-on Project: Mini-Hackathon

App Development

Day 1: Setup and Installation

Setup Android Studio to Build Apps

Firebase Setup & Registering App

Admob Setup & Creating Ad Units

Setup Google Play Console Developer Account

Download Android Source Codes

Day 2: Android Game Development

Block Puzzle Game Development

​Word Search Puzzle Game Development

Rabbit Puzzle Game Development

Magic Forest Game Development

Day 3: Utilities Applications Development

Live Wallpaper Application Development

Whatsapp Tools Application Development


Day 4: Releasing Your Applications

Generating Signed APK​

Design Featured Graphics

​Generate Application Screenshots

​Release your Application on Playstore


Day 5: Hands-on Project: Development of a Student App